Welcome to my personal family history pages.

I've been tracing both my father's and my mother's family history and so far, most of my ancestors came from Scotland.

My father's family (Templeton and Dunlop) came from Ayrshire and Lanarkshire.

My mother's family is more widespread. The Campbell side of her family came from Caithness. The Dickson side of her family came from Caithness, Rossshire, Dumfriesshire,Midlothian and Roxburghshire to eventually settle in Edinburgh.

As with all family history projects, it will probably never be "complete". Some families have more information than others, some are currently brick walls, and it all depends on what time and energy (as well as money!)I have available to do any digging.

You shouldn't find details any living people on these pages. If you spot a relative we have in common please contact me and if you spot a mistake please let me know by clicking on the Compiler link at the bottom of any page.